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At Yetto Publishing Company our goal is to give our authors premium services at the most competitive prices.
When you become part of the Yetto Publishing Company family, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Valuable customer service
  • Custom cover design created specifically for your book
  • Manuscript editing and text layout in Adobe PageMaker
  • Low minimum orders of 25 books
  • Many custom trim sizes
  • Three text stocks: 50# white, 60# cream, 70# opaque
  • Plus Full Color stocks in 90# and 100# and Magazine Grade
  • ISBN Assignment and barcodes
  • Author copyright
  • Author retains all rights
  • Book featured in Shari's store, if you like
  • Assist author in setting up a book signing in author's area
  • Author retains 70% of all Yetto Publishing Company's sales
  • Fast and easy re-orders
  • E-Books available for an additional fee - Not available at this time
  • Author Website available for an additional fee


Quotes from YPC are based upon page quantity, book dimensions,

type of paper, color or black & white, the number of books requested, 

(the more books ordered; the lower the price per book)
& copy editing
hours and graphic work.

Quotes are good for 60 days.
Any addition
al text, pictures, etc. given after the quote may change the price.

Initial set-up and processing fee for B/W is $175.00, Color - $250.00
Fees for processing additional orders will be $20 + $50 For changes
(25 book minimum - no maximum amount of books are required)


There will be an editing fee of $25.00 per hour. All books require at least,
but not limited to 3-8 hours editing time (depending on page count) regardless of
how confident the author feels about grammar or structure.

Editing includes: checking for errors in spelling, grammar, structure, punctuation, font changes,
 and any other changes in style or format in document given by author

If author refuses further editing suggested by YPC;
YPC will not be responsible for errors and will not act as a sponsor
for promotion of author.  YPC will not send books off to print
until final approval of galley by author and final payment.

Copy Editing

Books require at least - but not limited to 6-8 hours of copy editing time.
There will be a fee of $25.00 per hour for copy editing. 

Copy Editing includes
placing text into PageMaker, including various things such as
page numbers, tables of content, placing author's name and book title on the
beginning  of each page, indexing, etc...


Color graphics may only be used on front and back cover. If the author does 

not have a cover layout, YPC will be glad to design your cover for you.

Graphic Design is billed at $35.00 an hour.  Most Covers are 4-6 hours.

It is wise to have some ideas ready before our graphic artist is given the job. 


If you have a Pictures, Illustrations, or a Full Color book then then you can expect more hours.


If you have no way of transcribing your written manuscript into
computer ready form, Yetto Publishing Company can help. 
For $22.00 per hour we can type your book and save it on CD.

Getting Started

Have your manuscript completely ready
(We prefer that it is saved in Microsoft Word - Rich Text Format)
We do have typing services available for a fee

Have a good vision for your cover
(We will help you if you need ideas and graphics)

Have all pictures together

Know approximately how many copies you might want
(we can quote at different increments)

Make an appointment

To better serve you, we work by Appointment ONLY.

Quotes can take up to 10 business days to be completed.

There is a $50.00 fee when you come for your appointment which covers

working up your quote. The fee is non-refundable but will come off the

contract price if you publish with us.

With YPC you can publish just 25 books or a 10,000 books to share
with your family & friends, or to sell. For a reasonable price,
we can help make your dream come true.


Other Services suggested by YPC (Some figures upon request)

ISBN assignment and registration to Books in Print and Copyright Registration

ISBN assignment - $75
Registration to Bowker Books in Print's catalog and website - $25
Back Cover Barcode imprint - $25

All three on your book published with YPC - $100.00

Copyrights - $110.00 to Library of Congress
   Copyright Registration, registered mailing and pkg. weight, and handling



*Prices are subject to change without notice on this website

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